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  1. The music in Laura makes the fim. Composers are underrated. Laura--David Rakson Rebecca--Franz Waxman The Maltese Falcon--Adolf Deutsch Subtract the musc from each of these and the films are far less engaging. As Bernard Hermann said about his score for the film Fahrenheit 451, the music takes some dry lines of dialogue and creates the sub-text of repressed emotions beneath them. That is what these great composers have done, covered some areas that would have been outside the frame, highlighted and connected some emotional dots. Next time concentrate upon the musical sco
  2. I think the close-up shots from right along side the wheels add to the feelings of adventure and danger. The furnace opening is possibly a tone setter for the smouldering feelings running the length of the film. These, for me at least, set up the mood and that this is a film tht will try people to their limits.
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