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  1. I personally very much enjoyed the podcast. I found it insightful and gave me much to think about. I really didn't find it overly long. Looking forward to next week! ?
  2. 1- My first film was like just everyone else "Wizard of OZ". I remember being so frightened for her and Toto because of that mean old lady on the bike....who would later scare the jeepers out of me as the Wicked Witch..lol. 2-I have seen so Garland movies that I can't say these clips changed my view. From Wizard...Andy Hardy, St Louis,a Star is Born. She was just one of if not the most incredible performer to have lived. 3-I hate to repeat what other have said but "A Star Is Born" and the way she sang "The Man Who Got Away". I know others may disagree but her version of A Star
  3. I actually love both their styles of dancing. Sure Powell is much more graceful...much more production is put into this film. And the woman can tap dance her can off. But the is something about Keeler....clunky kind of style but she seems so much more engaging when she dances. To me Powell is all like look at me.....where Keeler is like "Dang I am having so much fun " Something about Ruby I think I would have like as a person...don't know why.
  4. I am not sure it is exactly a battle of the sexes...more of a equality of the sexes. Ginger can do anything that Astaire throws at her.....and is just as darn good at it as he is at dancing. The dancing I feel is more free...casual....fun. Not so regimented as in some of the other musicals we see. Women are now coming into their own in this era. No longer the timid..."don't speak till spoken to" women of just a few years ago. They NOW have opinions :-)
  5. The Lubitsch touch is all around...the garters (loved the way she had them above her knees)...the guns and don't know if this was part of the props but...anyone notice the dog sleeping on the couch? Swear to God he never moved...lol. The odd sound of the gun when it went off...letting you know it wasn't real. Plus the crowd noise and arguing behind closed doors was a nice touch. Never could have been captured in silent film. The movie was pure escapism. Just pure fun!
  6. In regards to the Production Code in effect at the time, I was a little surprised by the shimming and suggestive movements of Gilda Gray and how they got away with it during that time period. While MacDonald was the perfect lady. LOL I had to watch Nelson Eddy and Jeanette MacDonald in school. At the time I was about ages 6-10. I have to be honest I totally hated it...we would make so much fun of their singing. HOWEVER...as I have grown older I have developed a greater appreciation of their movies. And though their type of music may not be my favorite they had wonderful voices!
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