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  1. Orson Welles without saying a word steals the scene, that was classic, and I noticed that the one of the posters on the center tower in the square mentioned Jackal, simply wonderful it reminded me of the movie day of the Jackal. That was a great scene.
  2. It was interesting that the shadows at Lana Turner's feet some how cast her as forbidden fruit a jail bait like quality, not in the sense of her being too young, but as being married to the owner of the place. The shadows were ghostly familiar of those that you would find in a county lock up. The appearance of rich girl and poor boy from across the tracks. This was a big budget film from all the scenes and the music score. Great stuff.
  3. Peter Lorre was always one of my most favorite actors, even as a child whenever he was on, I watched. In this particular scene, I find the camera close up of Greenstreet from the lower angle a fascinating take. As the camera rolls in his persona grows. As Lorre lights his cigarette and relaxes compliments the scen,. perfectly. I didn't notice the lighting in this scene as much as previous scenes in the daily doses, but the camera angle in this piece was very noticeable. Also the music as Greenstreet comes out from the back was very well done.
  4. It seemed like Jeff was spell bound the moment she came in. She had trouble written all over her. Like so many things in life, we see it, but can't look away. She explains the cantina and ends with I sometimes go there. Of Course, she does he is hooked and she reels him in. We all see that because of he lighting and the shadows, almost as though she is coming into focus when walking through the doorway. A wonderful example of the essence of film making.
  5. I am having serious issues with passwords and there is no daily dose showing up in canvas, is this me or anyone having issues.
  6. The music direction was great I thought that Andre Previn did a wonderful job of selling the noir aspect even though the narration might have lead to think otherwise. Good stuff.
  7. I found this clip to be quite good, I certainly felt the shadows of the man talking to the swede, as he laid in bed to be outstanding. The gentle lighting on the swede and the stark bright light from behind on the kid as he stood above the swede was a great use of lighting. The music as the kid ran from the diner to the swede was building and building great stuff.
  8. Wow Rita was in fact a show stopper, somewhat frisky but with class, I didn't get the feeling that this particular scene had the pending doom, but knew that it was certainly going to draw some attention from Glenn Ford, great scene.
  9. Where are he clips for these movies located, I cant seem to locate them can anyone help?
  10. I always felt that noir was never given full credit for the wonderful use of music to set the tone. There is not way that any film can divide both image and music without suffering the tragic death of tone and atmosphere. I believe that it is more important in noir than in other types of film.
  11. Ninnybit brings up a great point about the shrubbery, I did not think of that, a great point, it could also refer to the complexity of the mind in that they provide coverage to shield us from the outside world. Or is could be just props. I do like Lauren's response to it though.
  12. In M there was a sense of pending doom, perhaps the fact that the children were singing may have heighten that sense. Ministry of fear, was far less with the sense of pending doom and a greater sense of chaos pending. Both scenes were very effective with the use of shadows, but M was far greater use of daily sounds to heighten the fear, Ministry did not have threatened feeling. When they shot the seen of Lembridge Asylum it removed much of the mystery surrounding ray Milland, it would have been better not knowing about the institutionalization of him. But still it was a good scene.
  13. Marlowe, although smart does not appear to be the tough type for a detective, His pretty boy looks and quick wit, certainly make him a new type of detective, but I can not help but think of Jack Nickelson or Robert Mitchum as detectives. However, this is based only on the three minute clip, so therefore I should watch the movie before deciding on his capabilities as the "New" type of detective.
  14. Marlowe is a seasoned detective and he knows that reporters don't just show up, he plays the game and then springs the trap. However, he is not totally gun shy of Grayle, as a matter of fact her looks and attitude set her apart for him. He is intrigued with her and her story, otherwise he would have ushered her out the door within a minute.
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