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  1. It automatically feels like a documentary when the narration starts. I don't see the film noir aspect in this clip particularly, so I need to watch the rest of the film!
  2. I think her performance is very over the top and she definitely wants the attention. And then afterwards we see for what reason.
  3. I like how the music changes so intensely while panning in for a close up. I think this contributed to the movement of noir because it's not a mystery or crime drama, showing that noir can be more of a style than genre.
  4. The suspense of the sounds and music definitely are similar in M and Ministry of Fear. I think the clicking of clocks are iconic in film noir to draw suspense to a scene. I also loved the shadows, it made the scene very intimidating.
  5. I haven't seen this film in full yet and I'm really excited to see it on Friday. What I see from this opening scene is that he is smart, he's hands-on and doesn't beat around the bush. He knows how to get information without it feeling like an interrogation. But with that, comes some shadiness. There is probably a reason he is this way and has secrets. I think the hands-on detective style is important to film noir because before people of the "protective" work force were always looked at as heroes, and now it shows that even people of power can have a dark side.
  6. I think you learn a lot about him in the opening scene. He seems to think he is quite better than everyone else. I like the way they introduced him because it was straight to the point, and introduces you to the plot. I think this scene contributes to noir because it opens with a strong quote. It's always good to have a opening line that will be forever remembered. I also liked the effect of the loud clock clicking in the background.
  7. I think the POV was absolutely successful. I love being in the character's place, it gives you different view of the story and makes it a lot more intense. I think this contributed to Noir because not a lot of movies were doing POV at the time and this opened the doors.
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