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  1. Fritz lang's influence is felt when the music stops while dialogue is happening. Also the shot from above where we see the messenger walking the dark desolate streets seems to be a shot Lang used (the one comes to mind from M). It seems as though the diner scene is shot in a realism style without symbolism whereas the apartment scene is concerned with showing style. The shadow looming over lancasters character is shmbolic of the "bad news" looming over him. We also do not see burt but in shadow as though he is deffinitely hiding something. This scene contributes the idea of free floating style
  2. Rita was definitely using seduction in her dance moves. Not only is she seducing the audience of the film but us as the audience as well. This musical number is not as odd as normal musicals where a song just starts our of nowhere; here rita is singing to a nightclub and we are privy to the performance. The blending of music and mystery are a big contribution I belive to noir.
  3. I have to first say the shoulder pads are utterly ridiculous compared to today lol. The first thing I corellate to noir style is the ferocious female. Veda would definitely fit the bill as she is apparently hustling a poor boyfriend to think she is pregnant. I wasn't quite sure since I have not seen this film but it seems the mother may have known or contributed to this deviousness. This type of edgy subject matter is definitely up noir's alley. I would have to say that is definitely a contribution to film noir style as I belive ideas can be "stylish". The way the two are shot is a flip flop i
  4. The simularities between the opening of Ministry of Darkness and the opening of M for me was the silence. Lang uses sounds such as the ticking to great effect. I will say that M made me feel dread whereas Ministry made me feel mysterious (an odd emotion I know). We feel as though this man was not locked up but recovering but the shadow cast by our man in the chair makes me feel there is something sinister lurking underneath his demeanor. When we see he is leaving an asylum it becomes a little clearer to us the viewer, just like the reveal of the murderer,s shadow in M. Lang in my opinion does
  5. I am not sure if Lang intended for there to be no music but the lack of any muisical score in this scene is extremely effective. The one word i think of is "dread". What is really fascinating is the shot of our murderer's shadow over the word Murderer on the reward banner. Foreshadowing in a literal sense. This scene contributes the realistic style and story that film noir is known for. Everyday chores and routines against a backdrop with an evil undertone (here being the killer).
  6. Detectives before Film Noir seem to only sit behind their chairs and ask the same boring questions. Here Marlowe gets engaged not only mentally but physically. He has a charm but a sharp wit which is more in line with how we think of "fringe" detectives. He does not seem the least bit afraid or unerved by Miss Grayle so by the end of the scene he has the upper hand, not her. I think this scene is important to noir overall because it has the femme fatale in a sense, the female who has something to hide. It also has the detective who seems like he is not afraid to "break a few eggs".
  7. For me the opening scene felt like I was looking through the eyes of Waldo Lydecker. We were spying on the detective as he walked in and admired the room. For me that is a powerful technique because just listening to Waldo talk it feels as though he is hiding something, especially since he talked about the clock being the same one in the room where Laura died. It makes me question my own sanity a little and even question my morals if I know something is wrong but I am sitting in for that someone in a sense. The scan over the scenery is also telling because it seems Mr. Lydecker is wealthy
  8. Summer of Darkness

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