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  1. What examples do you see that fit with Nino Frank's contention that Laura is a "charming character study of furnishings and faces?" The openning shot starts with a statue of Buddha, the furnitures, the grandfather clock, to the detective, then to all the masks adorned on the wall. The furniture and masks are relling of a rich live lived by Waldo Lydecker. He is cultured, well travelled and wealthy. The masks are a reflection on who the character of Waldo is? Man of many faces, an actor of a sort. We find out mabout his different faces as the plot unfolds. -- What do you think about
  2. First of all to capture the POV shots on what appears to be a hand held camera, at a time where there was no STEADICAM, is an astonishing achievement. There had to be a massive undertaking packed with planning every moment of the process. The viewer is right in the thick of things, like it or not. We are all an accomplice to the scape convict. We get to feel his fears, and excitements for better or worst. One of the most thrilling openning sequences of all noirs, and a very unique film. I have seen this film many times and it gets better with each viewing.
  3. Exotic location. A rubber factory in Singapore. Then, we are introduced to a definite noir characteristic: the working class. Right behind the shack where the workers rest, a beautiful home. A gun shot! What was that? Who did the shooting? Wyler, answers the question with the gut punch. A man stumbles out and a woman shoots her pistol again, and again. We have just witnessed a murder. THIS IS DIFFERENT than most films noir, as far as I know. She is cool, calm and calculating. The moon hides itself under the clouds, casting another characteristic of noir films: shadows. I was not surpri
  4. The train screams as the fire in ts belly rages on. Just like ant noir character, burning with a fire in his/her belly. Some one or something feeds that fire. We are hurling forward into the space to get there. Where are we going? We shall find out. Are we able to stop the beast in us? One can hope. In and out of the darkness. Constantly moving. Searching. the documentary style shoot takes us righ there on that speeding train. The style has been used so many times and is always effective.
  5. The children playing their game, singing the erie song. Just as the little girl sets a child out of the game, the killer picks his victim(s) one at a time, this is foreshasowed right out of the gate. The viewers are set up right away that this is not going to be pleasant. An ugly killer is out to pick out children one at a time. The women reflect the fear any mother has about the well being of their child. The women are working as launderers suggesting a working class neighborhood. The clock sets the end of school day. Parents are waiting for their kids. A little girl is helped
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