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  1. Do you feel this film's use of first person POV in this scene was successful or not successful? How do you think the use of a first person POV added to the tension of this scene? In what ways can the opening of Dark Passage be considered an important contribution to the film noir style? I think this POV style worked very well for this film, because Bogie's voice is so distinct and naturally gritty; perfect for a film noir narrative. We already pictured him, from his voice. So it was fun, waiting for the reveal that we knew was coming. At first, we are observing our escaped convict, going alo
  2. Were you surprised by what happens in the opening scene of The Letter? In what ways can the opening of The Letter be considered an important contribution to the film noir style? A seemingly quiet, beautiful moon-lit night. The workers benefiting from a long hard day's work, milk flowing from the tree; relaxing, wrapping up for the night. One lone shot is heard in the distance, & only the bird sense the danger at first, then men and dogs stir startled after hearing the 2nd shot, as the man tried to flee from the threat opening the door & out of the house, only making it down the steps
  3. What does the film's realistic depiction of a train add to this opening? What are some of the specific shots, sounds, or techniques that add "darker touches" to this opening scene? In what ways can the opening of La Bete Humaine be considered an important contribution to the film noir style? Film noir, in my opinion, shows the gritty, hard and dangerous side of life. Life may seem to flow on effortlessly without much provocation or help, but underneath the facade, it gets rough, dark and mistakes can be fatal. Using a train itself is a symbol of progress and strength. Goods or people are bei
  4. What did you notice about Rita Hayworth's performance when you were watching this scene? What are some of the deeper layers of meaning that are contained in this film noir musical sequence? In what ways do you think music influenced and contributed to the development of film noir? I noticed that Gilda had a "devil may care" attitude that was defiant in the face of a controlling, powerful husband. Her provocative dance, flipping of her hair and tease of a strip tease sent a message to her husband that implied, the more he tried to control her, the more she will give him to have to reign in;
  5. I love all the films starring Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart. Their chemistry on screen is delicious. Bacall is exquisitely beautiful and she commands attention whenever she is on screen. I did enjoy the 1st person POV in the opening car scene, because all you heard was Bogart's voice, & that was identity enough. My husband loved the POV when he hit the driver, it did feel like we were there. Anything that can get my husband to enjoy more film noir is cool with me. I enjoyed the "reveal" more, when you matched the distinctive voice with the face. I really love this summer course for fil
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