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  1. When Lydecker asks McPherson to hand him a washcloth, McPherson casually tosses the requested item in the general vicinity of the bathtub, and the cloth falls haphazardly into the bath. I'm sure this is not what Waldo expected. He expected the detective to ceremonially present the washcloth to him. I was reminded of the scene in The Postman Always Rings Twice (a superb example of film noir) when John Garfield has initial contact with Lana Turner. She has "accidentally" dropped her lipstick which she had been seductively applying, and it rolls across the floor in his direction. He picks it u
  2. I also find the extended use of first person POV tiresome after the first several minutes. I've never been a fan of this film probably because, as a lifelong Bogie fan, I want to see the man's face. However, the technique does bring tension to the opening sequence. We, as viewers, question ourselves for sympathizing with a someone who, we're informed, is a convicted murderer when he brutally attacks the driver who has given him a ride. But, seeing the driver from Vincent's POV, we understand the urgency in Vincent's need to shut him up. I had never considered this film to be in the noir c
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