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  1. Unlike 'M', I wasn't nervous at all. Nothing dark, not even going through the tunnel. Instead I was caught up with the noise, how loud it was. How fast we were passing things and how both men understood each other and knowing what to do (experienced). One man checked the time that represents schedule to me and also by the time I started paying attention to the music and the bending I felt i was on a ride. Seeing the other trains, smoke and couple men (well I think they're men) I get a sense of busyness and I arrived with curiosity.
  2. My first thought was what on earth are they singing but then I remembered ring games were from past or current events/ issues. This ring game was counting down which child is next to be murdered. So now my mind in on murder, either happened in the past or something current. I am curious but not frightened. Then I am taken to a woman, a mother? She had an air of authority when she asked the children to stop singing but then she left the balcony, and the camera lingered at the empty balcony for awhile. I felt a sense of neglect. You could hear the children singing again so one could think either the children were disobedient or the woman wasn't a strong authority figure. What had me was when Elsie's mother said 'let them sing at least then we can hear them and we will know that they are still there' or something like that and I thought 'What the heck lol Wouldn't that be too late. Do you see the distance between the children and her door? Btw, why aren't they in school!' I was furious. She smiled, she was happy, she was cooking... Someone that brightens her day was coming home. The clock chimed, she tasted her cooking. The scene changed, a little girl about to cross the road (I thought that must be the child). She doesn't pay much to her surrounding because she was about to cross when vehicles were still moving. I started getting anxious because suddenly I knew what was about to happen. I thought 'no no no...' but sometimes they don't allow the child to be taken away right. An anticlimax right? The build up was good. I gathered clues pointed out by the camera that set the mood they wanted me to be. The director had me. I would like to add though that being use to the films that are showing these days i have become accustomed to anticlimactic scenes and twists upon twists and so I am trying to watch older films without too much of that expectation, which is refreshing.
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