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  1. Go to summerofdarkness.tcm.com at the top of the screen tap Learn About Noir and scroll down. You'll see the article.
  2. I was watching Mildred Pierce for a while with the sound off. (I've seen the movie Too many times to count.) and it hit me; the sets in noir movies really are often so ordinary in stark contrast to the film style, the lighting, the camera angles and to the behavior of some of the characters. As to Vita. Vita wears normal clothing. She walks through a normal world but she is so twisted. I love the noir bad girl who looks like a good girl. It's all about inner darkness. Noir of the soul.
  3. Waldo Lydecker is a delicious character from the minute we lay ears on him. His voice, the tone matches the the visuals; superior sounding and superior upper class appointments in the apartment. He is arrogant, challenging and dismissive of the detective . Something is off. As in a lot of films noir the detective is seen by other characters as slow and unworthy of much consideration in the beginning of the film. Mary Astor treats Humphry Bogart that way in the Maltese Falcon. This is usually a major mistake. Arrogant Wald may be making such a mistake. It was great reading all the comments
  4. My take on the opening. The train. The train is everything. Raw powerful sexual. Thrusting forward. Rushing without consciousness. The men function mechanically. The train minimizes and defines them. The oil and coal dust obscure their humanity. Live off the train will be sad, banal and or violent.
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