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  1. It is amazing to see such 'mastery' in early comedy. To see Keaton pinpoint the exact point of impact as to to have the buildings fall and have the window cutouts pass over him is truly amazing. The chances and nerve to perfom these 'tricks' and still keep the straight face makles it that more entertaining.
  2. I definitely felt the comic simplicity of Chaplins slipping on the banana peel gag. In the next clip where he is evading the policeman by the use of that trapped door at the bottom of the fence it showed how Chaplin made it seem so easy to perform without a hitch and then being able to escape both policemen by using the samne tactic. In the final clip slipping on the wet floor it shows how acrobatics and a touch of gymnastics is introduced by way of knowing how to fall and the slapstick of it happening several times.
  3. Surprised no. but as with most film noir you have the feeling that the scene is going to take a different route. The shots of the moon fading in and out is like the moon saying I can see what you did and you cannot hide it. In this trailer it contributes to film noir with a murder scene and that dark side where it then gets you to want to know why she shot this person. You know the circumstances behind it.
  4. The train sequence in the opening adds a true realistc scene of the duties of the train engineer and the coalman. The certain darker touches are the showing of the train wheels and track and when the coalman has to pull that lever a the right moment. Also the certain attitude of the engineer and the coalman. it contributes to the film noir style by depicting that dark side. As an example when the conductor at the station treats one of the passengers so rudely and the when he goes home to his wife looks for sympathy of his actions since he has a feeling that there will be repercussions.
  5. The mood is dark, eerie. The beginnig words are of a certain sort of satanic song of a boogie man sort of person that takes children and murders them. The comtributes to the film noir style by presenting that feeling of suspense and dreariness. The film shots are dark and gives a feeling of dispair. You know something bad is going to happen.
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