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  1. Thanks kek5772 for all the added background info - I really love this kind of detail on films.
  2. *Spoiler alert It could be surmised that Nino Frank's contention that Laura is a "charming character study of furnishings and faces?" is based on not just the stylistic element of the film and the pacing but also the mood and tone of the film established as the camera investigates in a leisurely fashion the set, and the characters are revealed in steady motion. There's a languid feel to the coverage and the pacing as the scene unfolds. No one's in a hurry here, but all the while the music is unsettling. Something is amiss in the beautiful luxurious home. Preminger's introduction of the ch
  3. Lifelong noir fan, and I've just completed the David Lynch Masters in Film degree, and my thesis project is a TV pilot for a neo noir series, Newsraven. (Did someone say 'Blackbird')! The trailer is online at https://www.indieboogie.com/films/146 While I'm editing the project this summer I feel the need a little side interest, and discovered the through the fabulous Joan Renner - who hosts the intriguing Deranged LA Crimes blog. I decided that if I'm to develop a neo noir series additional immersion in the genre can only help perfect the storyline structures I develop, clarify the tropes
  4. I'm in. Just joined. Catching up time.
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