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  1. I am unable to view during live stream (have to work). Will it be available to view later?
  2. 1. definitely the characters are more important; most of the opening scene spent on introducing them; getting to know them a bit. 2. Abbott is an affable man; easygoing, calm. Left quickly when Louis showed up and this is intriguing to me - what's up? (I haven't seen the movie yet) 3. I agree with similarities and differences noted by previous commentors.
  3. The opening scene to this movie really epitomizes film noir. The style and substance - police radio as narrative; diagonal lines to the shots; wide angles; small town america as evidenced by the diner; seedy, gritty, depressed. Dix appears to be feeling down and out, perhaps resigned to his fate. Very existentialist.
  4. What an opener - the close-up of the fire in the tinder box, the screech of the train whistle! Jars the nerves which are kept humming by the dark tunnel, the camera shots from the front of the train and the music which seems to match the speed of the train.
  5. The movie starts so languidly; musical score certainly contributes to the peacefullness. It is quite a shooker to hear the shots! At this point, your attention is trully captured by this act and you really want to know more - why did she shoot him/? Why is she so calm? What mad her so mad as to unload all the bullets in Mr Hammond?
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