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  1. The Mask of Dimitrios had some dialogue that you could lift right out and put in a modern comedy and no one would know the difference. Absolutely wonderful. The Stranger is extremely well done. I liked it far more than some other Welles movies. I've seen The Third Man many, many times (including at the TCM Film Festival which was my favorite viewing - I highly recommend going) and any opinions will be regurgitated through various film classes. I know my parents went on the sewer tour in Vienna and it was fascinating but really gross. I hope to go on it myself on of these days. I wen
  2. Do On Demand or the TCM App. Do On Demand or the TCM App or the TCM Website. My cable box has been having issues with TCM so that's how I've been watching all of the movies. They're all available until the 3rd or 4th. You just have to login with your cable site showing you have cable. Do not despair!
  3. I think we can all agree by this point that there is a lot more to films noir than just "crime movies from a certain time period". We have seen a lot of movies that transcend genres like Mildred Pierce that might otherwise just be a woman's picture but veer into noir. But is there a movie out there that is a crime movie from the late 40's that is definitely not noir? Border Incident wasn't really noirish. It was definitely a social justice picture that involved crime, but here it is on the list. Mystery Street was a procedural, but here it is on the list. They were both really good movie
  4. Spoilers for Detour and Journey Into Fear Al as an unreliable narrator is an old idea for Detour. Roger Ebert mentioned it in his Great Movies review of Detour and he was quoting the critic Andrew Britton argues a more intriguing theory in Ian Cameron's Book of Film Noir. Detour is such a strange movie and I think the theories are why it has staying power. It's seriously worth everyone's time when it comes on TCM. Weirdly, I thought the same thing might be going on Journey Into Fear when I was watching it this weekend. Joseph Cotton seemed to be trying to hard to convince his wife that
  5. The library is an excellent idea. You can put items on hold or do interlibrary loan. Woman on the Run is on Amazon Prime for free which is good because it's not showing up on my TCM On Demand. It's pretty good too so I'm glad I didn't miss it.
  6. Stranger on the third floor is short. Really short so you can knock it out in just under an hour. Johnny Eager is really good, Robert Taylor is really excellent in it and Lana Turner being obsessed with gangsters is entertaining given her history. Dark Passage has Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall which is enough for me. Nora Prentiss has a messed up plot and an ending that doesn't stand up to scrutiny, but I bet you haven't seen it before.
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