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  1. I tried to get some interest here in DC but nothing came of it?! Now I know what Tom Hanks felt like in Cast Away....🤭😁
  2. To me I really didn't see any other battle of the sexes other than the 'mirrored tap dancing' that the pair did. Astaire tries to plead his case with Rogers and he 'tries' to impress her with his dancing. But Rogers shows him that 'anything you can do I can do better...I can do anything better than you (and in heels going backwards). This particular film to me is different than the others by its usage of sound in dancing. Sound of dancing in this film is more realistic. In the prior movies the sound of tap was dubbed in post production (and didn't always mirror what was being show
  3. The Lubitsch Touch in 'The Love Parade' is outstanding! The scene has you hooked when the woman comes out holding a garter and is 'chewing out' Chevalier and wanting to know whose garter it is. Chevalier is trying to appease the woman by saying it was hers but she shows him it's not. What is a jealous woman to do when her lover is cheating on her...go for her gun and shot him! Just as she is about to commit a crime of passion, in walks in her husband. What to do...shot yourself!! You're drawn into this funny but 'tragic' scene as the husband confronts his wife's lover and tries to kill him but
  5. Being a fan of classic movies I've seen a lot of genres and have my favorites that I can watch over and over again..and Hitchcock was one of them. And I wonder how could someone direct these films of suspense? What's going on in his mind (his he out there like Stephen King)? Hitch's movies were just a great way to lose yourself and be entertained. Then the ultimate thing happened..TCM announced that they were working with Professor Edwards & Ball State and coming up with a course! Cue heavenly music... FINALLY!!!!!!!!! ALL HITCH, ALL THE TIME! I felt like a kid waiting for Christma
  6. I think that Stephen King would make a GREAT collaborator for Hitch! The works of Stephen King are a PERFECT FIT with Hitchcock you can literally see the headlines...THE MASTER OF MACABRE MEETS THE MASTER OF SUSPENSE!!! Who wouldn't want to plunk down their last dollar to buy that movie ticket. Imagine Hitch's "touch" to Carrie?! Hitch would have finally gotten his much deserved Oscar! Every Stephen King movie that was made would have a different twist to it once Hitch got his hands on them. And imagine the books that were NEVER MADE into movies... These two great minds would have wo
  7. 1) My feelings about the opening scene of 'Marnie' is that this is a woman on the run and she doesn't seem as if she is scared. She to me seems like the cat that swallowed the bird! That Margaret is pleased with herself that she just got away with a lot of money and is off to start her 'new life'. And by Hitch showing us the many id cards she may have done this before. Moving swiftly and coldly through the motions of swapping lives (the taking of the clothes for the boxes and putting them into the new suitcase and the washing out of the black dye) like an old pro, it seems 'Margaret' has bee
  8. 1) To me the opening scene sequence seems more like a romantic comedy is a simple 'boy meets girls' moment. 'Girl' in pet store being waited on & 'Boy' comes in & mistakes her for a worker there. 'Girl' who seems VERY interested in 'Boy' acts the part of employee and tries to help him out but what she doesn't know is that 'Boy' actually knows who the 'Girl' is and plays along with her 'act'. This cat & mouse game goes on til 'Girl' is busted by 'Boy' & the real employee. Now annoyed (and still interested) the 'Girl' goes and gets 'Boy's' license plate number and gets his person
  9. When Alice is sitting at the table she appears to be in shock and not paying attention to the conversation that is being had about the murder that happened the night before. She is in a state of shock and the only words that she hears is knife because that is the instrument she used to kill her attacker. Its almost as if she is hypnotized and she can only respond when she hears the word knife. Hitch brings the word knife out more louder to emphasize that that is what Alice used. And when she uses it it brings her back to the moment of her attack.. To me you are transfixed on Alice becau
  10. In watching this scene the dolly shot definitely pulls you in. You are watching a scene where the two 'boys' are brought in for questioning on a subject matter very controversial (back then). As the two 'boys' approach the Dean you see in the distance a 'girl' sitting looking very evil at the pair. Then the boom comes when you find out why we are here, as the 'girl' gets up to pick the 'boy' out there is suspense in the air. Cut to her, cut to them, back and forward...draws you into the scene. I feel that Hitch uses the POV shot to get you (as the viewer) to feel more apart of the scene, m
  11. In the scene where the boxer is suppose to be listening to his manager and trainer he glances across the way to a party where everyone is having a good time and he sees a couple in the chair, then Hitch imposes an image of the boxer's wife sitting on the lap of another man and the boxers imagination is starting to go wild, he assumes his wife is going to do this while he is away training. I think Hitch likes to use our imaginations a lot and let's us be the character he is focusing on at that point in the film and 'we' react like that character in the moment. We like Hitch's character are his
  12. The Hitchcock style...in the opening sequence we see a woman at the beginning of something horrible happening to her and then her body. This particular sequence has been done several time in Hitch's movies like 'Psycho' (Leigh in the shower and you have the music building up to the moment where Norman's 'Mother' attacks Leigh), 'Frenzy' (the attacker attacks the woman with a tie). It's the suspense of the moment right before the 'attack' you as the audience are pulled into the moment to where you know something is about to happen and you may not know what or how it's going to happen and then..
  13. Alfred Hitchcock was known for showing off his leading ladies within his movies. And all but a hand full are blonde. In 'Rear Window' Grace Kelly is shown in slow motion kissing James Stewart, in 'Suspicion' you see Cary Grant eyeing Joan Fontaine in the car of a train after asking could he sit in it with her. A guess would be why Hitch does this is to give his audience a glance at this particular woman who could possibly be the cause or reason to his leading man's down/windfall. In the next question I agree with Yacowar and Spoto assessments of Hitch's scene sequence. Hitch uses the ca
  14. HEY GUYS...Anybody out there who is a Backlot Member of TCM living in the District, Maryland or Virginia who has started or interested in starting a Local Chapter? I'm interested in joining or possibly starting a Local Chapter...LET ME KNOW WHAT'S DEALEO?! Happy Viewing.... PPS: Who's ready for the Hitchcock class starting in June?!
  15. DD #5 'CLEANING UP HIS ACT: Charley Chase 1) How well do the slapstick elements of this clip match up with the five conditions of Slapstick proposed in Module 1 (exaggerated, physical, repetitive/ritualistic, make believe, painful/violent)? I think 'The Pip from Pittsburgh' uses all 5 conditions of Slapstick..Chase not wanting to make the same mistake twice when it comes to his blind date, goes overboard in trying to get out of his 'Blind date'. Seeing that his 'blind date' is a knock out Chase precedes to 'doll himself up' (seeing a display of a shaving kit, Chase gets aid of a strang
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