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  1. At the begining of this opening, I thought the music heightening as the title of the film came on added to the drama which is something I liked. However, I didn't feel the rest of this clip was as emotionally moving (fear inducing?) as the opening of "M". In M, it was clear from the children's song what the terror of the movie would be, whereas it's not so clear in Ministry of Fear. I thought it would have been better to have a camera angle from behind Ray Milland so that we could see it was a man staring at the ticking clock. Alternatively if from the angle and pull back that's in the movie I would have left a veiw of Milland looking at the clock longer in silence before the doctor busts in. I've seen the movie before and enjoyed it and look forward to seeing it completely on Friday.
  2. BORN TO KILL A lot of greed and looking out for number 1 for most characters in this one, but I found one sympathetic character---the dog!
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