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  1. A morning cup of coffee is a perfect time for a mid-movie peek in at TCM. Father of the Bride. Not a favorite type of movie for me, but then it does have young Elizabeth Taylor. Then it happended. In the middle of this light-hearted, very dated movie pops a noir sequence that stands up today as an expression of one man's tension in a major life changing situation. In hindsight, I have always counted noir films among my favorites for both story and visuals. Long ago AMC's Darkness Before Dawn helped me understand these favorites were part of a bigger grouping of movies that stood o
  2. I feel the use of first person POV is very successful in these opening scenes. I love it. A few seconds and you see and know where he came from, how far he has gotten already and how close to recapture he is in the form of the motorcycle cops. Coupled with the voice-over of his thoughts, I felt his fear and tension as he analyzes his options and decides his next move. Think quick. Decide. He has to take a risk and flag down a ride. Along with the escapee we closely watch the face of the driver and become aware that this ride is not going to work out.
  3. I was absolutely surprised by the opening scene of The Letter when I first saw this movie some years ago. I imagine that a 1940 audience would have been shocked. The peace of a beautiful moonlit night shattered by a cold, deliberate killing. Despite knowing many people were close at hand and that they would have been alerted by the first shot, she boldly follows the injured man out of the house and calmly empties the gun into his body as he lays on the ground. This is no ordinary woman and if this is a crime of passion she looks quite calm and collected. She takes a life and looks to me as
  4. This is tough, dirty work. These men appear to be controlling the train, but to me it feels more like they are serving the machine. The train dwarfs the engineers as it hurtles along on the rails. How much can they really control this beast at the rate of speed they are traveling ? They have to poke their heads out just to see what is ahead and if there was any problem they would have little time to react. They have to adapt to the machine so much that they must communicate non-verbally as that is all the screaming train will allow. I felt helpless and exposed until the train slowed and enter
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