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  1. Both openings created tension through sound and visuals. The clock is relentless. There is a sense of foreboding as the pendulum swings and the minutes tick by. It casts a gloomy shadow. There is nothing positive anticipated even though we find our character is getting his freedom. Perhaps the contribution is the economy of storytelling.The opening scene does a lot in a short amount of time. It sets mood and atmospre. We are introduced to our main character and given some background. On the surface, things are routine. Through the music and lighting we feel that is not the case. As Milland
  2. Our film begins with contrasts. The lighting, the sounds, and what we witnessed with our own eyes, put us front and center to a murder. A murder that has been committed by a very cool customer. I'm hooked!
  3. As usual, not all is as it seems. Dick Powell looks like an everyday kind of guy. But he's not. Right away he sized up the situation and acted on it. He's no chump!You have to be better than that, lady, to pull one over on our guy. This new detective has to use his smarts and intuition to stay a step ahead. The facts of a case aren't the driving force in an investigation. It is the hunch, the sixth sense, that is going to solve the case and keep you alive. The code of ethics are different. Loyality to a client is key. Marlowe took $100 to protect the guy and now he's dead. He wants to find out
  4. The opening scene introduces us to Waldo Lydecker and Detective McPherson. Waldo is an observer and likes to do it on the sly. He is an erudite fellow collecting lovely objects that he is a bit possesive about. Especially when his stuff is messed with. McPherson is also an observant guy. He doesn't waste time waiting and gives the apartment the once over. When done, I notice he brings Waldo out by touching one of his things in the glass case.I can't help thinking his action was purposeful. One point for him! Did he know Waldo was watching him? Then the two are face to face and are sizing each
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