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  1. The swinging overhead lamp with the men's faces alternating between light and dark was very well done. The scene reminds me of a seedy hotel room with a flashing neon sign outside - and how often we see that in noir films. The alternating of light and dark seems to be a noir staple possibly representing the battle between "good" and "evil".
  2. The opening scene of this "unnamed city" in The Asphalt Jungle sure looks like Bunker Hill in downtown Los Angeles. Bunker Hill was a very popular location for its seedy and rundown ambiance. Many noir films used Bunker Hill locations - Criss Cross, Joseph Losey's 1951 remake of M and Kiss Me Deadly, just to name a few, quickly come to mind. Sadly, the "old" Bunker Hill is long gone as it has been transformed into downtown LA's sleek and modern high rise district.
  3. Absolutely the most noir character entrance of any noir film! That weird zither music (that is - weird to American ears), camera work and lighting make this film a masterpiece. I also think the film's ending scene is superbly presented. Leaving the cemetery after Harry Lime's final burial, Holly gets out of Callaway's jeep and waits for the approaching Anna who is walking rapidly forward. Anna walks past Holly totally ignoring him, not even moving her head - walking ahead into a very uncertain future. I can sense what the characters were feeling in that scene. Anna was bitter about Harry's de
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