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  1. I did enroll, but I'm not sure that I enrolled on Canvas. I did it through the TCM board. Darn I'm not going to get a certificate. Maybe there will be another class.
  2. Similar to The Postman Always Rings Twice, in that here is a pair of lovers having a clandestine meeting in the parking lot. After that we see Anna's interaction with her husband, whom I think owns the club. So the husband is highly suspicious of his wife and gives her the "third degree" concerning her whereabouts. I think the husband knows there is something going on, only he can't find any proof of it. I think he feels like his wife is cheating on him, but he has yet to catch her at it. Anna is apparently pretty good at covering herself. Steve is ever willing to be there for her. It m
  3. Do I have to create an account on Canvas? Or is my login info here on TCM board sufficient? Sorry folks, but I'm new to this and I do want to get a certificate of completion.
  4. Now I know the reason for the cruel and unusual punishment laws. That is really nasty. Which goes to show how people can be drunk with power and they abuse it very well. Munsey uses the record to both heighten the thrill he gets from being so powerful and to cover his dirty deeds with the loudness of music. It's really cowardly of the rest of the prison staff to just sit there and not say anything. They could easily be in these prisoners shoes and they would want someone to show them mercy. It is interesting that the piece chosen is something that is beautiful. Could it be that Munse
  5. He was looking right at a witness and giving him the death stare. It's a good thing that someone can pick someone out of a line up today behind protected glass. To have to identify a criminal up close like that, especially someone who isn't afraid to kill, had to be utterly terrifying. There is no city name given. Dix and this incident can be anywhere in the world. The films title says that the city is it's own kind of jungle. There are predators and prey in a city as there are in small towns and suburbs. Everywhere you go in a city, there is action. There is good happening and bad
  6. Interesting. The two lovers are planning something over the phone. He has to be at work and she is in a phone booth somewhere. I'm not sure if it's a murder or if she's just planning to run away with him, never to be seen again. Kind of like Romeo and Juliette in the sense that they are obviously in love and want to be together with nothing to stop them. Also like the doomed "star crossed lovers" of Shakespeare's story, they will not have such an easy time of things I think. For every plan there is a wrench thrown in to complicate matters very nicely. There may be a husband and children
  7. Poor Howard. How awful to find your employer dead like that. And he runs, not only away from the scene, but out of the town, as if he had something to hide. Maybe he did do it and his mind doesn't remember it. It could be that he has had similar trouble in the past and he runs thinking that everyone will blame him for it. Howard is finished cleaning up for his employer. She left his wages for him, but she doesn't answer when he calls her to let her know that he's done for the day. Then he finds her dead. Maybe he blames himself for her death and that's also why he runs away. He may ha
  8. Isn't that sad? It's true that when film makers lose their inspiration they go back and hijack elements from previous genres, meaning they start the remake years. This film does open with a rather bland chit chat between the two men. They appear to be tough and average men. One is older and the other is roughly mid 30's. They both are wearing the same outfit, except that the older man's attire is darker in color. There is nothing that really pulls the audience into the film from the start, as is a classic trait of noir films. Something has to happen from the get go to reel in the audien
  9. Here time is of the essence. If this person doesn't get the timing of people and incidents down right, then when he goes to rob the bank, he can be sure to be caught quickly. If there is no one else involved in the intended heist, it will only be this man and he has to have every t crossed. Every move he makes has to be perfect or his robbery won't happen. He is obviously planning to be something of a "gentleman" thief, meaning he wants to walk in, get his money, and walk out as if nothing happened. Like it was a normal day at the bank. If he does that, not drawing any undue attention to
  10. It starts off showing the first punch, up close and personal, so the audience can almost feel it when Steve gets punched. After that, the rest of his beating is seen through the swinging light. The audience gets the idea that this poor guy is being turned black and blue all over. You can hear each punch being given and hear what the end result is, when Steve makes the sounds of someone getting their butt kicked. You don't get to see all of it. I mean you can hear it going on, but you only see that it's two against one with the other two men watching, waiting for Steve to give the right ans
  11. Hello there fellow classic film lovers. I missed the first quiz because I couldn't find it. Are they here on the TCM message board? I would love to get a certificate of completion.
  12. Boxing scenes in films show more of everything than a televised fight does. All you get on a tv screen is the movement and maybe how the two fighters hurt one another, but you don't see the wounds happen so well, so close up, on tv as you do in film. I feel sorry for Ernie. He is watching this replay of this last fight and about ready to climb the walls. He had his hand on the prize and lost it to the fight being stopped by the doctor. Although, the doctor didn't do it to him to be mean, he feels cheated some how. And his wife makes it known that she feels cheated in her own way, by havi
  13. I can see that Sam and Walter start off friendly, but not real friends. They try to be friendly, remembering old days, but Walter is a little nervous around Sam. And then Sam pretty much twists Walter's arm in an effort to get him to help a friend of his out of jail. I can tell from that part of the scene that Sam has something on Walter. And that Walter wants to keep things quiet. Then Martha enters the scene. And after she hears a familiar call, she remembers who Sam is. I can see Walter seething quietly in the back ground. He is jealous of Sam. I would go so far as to say that Walt
  14. In this film, the innocent couple are given a bag full of money that was intended for someone else. And that person is chasing them in his car. It is a car chase at night and Jane did beautifully driving and managing to lose the other car. In Kiss Me Deadly, someone is after Christina and she's running for her life down a near deserted road at night. In The Hitch-Hiker, two friends pick up a lone man who seems to be harmless, but also on a deserted road at night. And In Strangers on a Train, two men meet, possibly by chance, possibly not, but this one is during the day. The mystery and s
  15. In Kiss Me Deadly, Christina was in a panicked hurry. She was escaping and wanting to get as far as possible from the place she was being kept, either as a patient or prisoner. In the Hitch-Hiker, the hitcher is the one who is in a hurry, though he doesn't look it. He quickly gets the upper hand on two men, with just one gun. And in this opening sequence, all the people are in a hurry to get on the train. No one wants to miss it. I think that Bruno was always looking for Guy though. I think he may have been following him a little. And when they are in the same car together, Bruno strik
  16. Each film opens in the night, or in the dark. They each have someone who is in trouble and needs help quickly. The open with mystery, a forceful mystery and suspense that keeps the audience guessing and enthralled. The man reporting his own murder is a shock for an opening sequence. How could this man have been murdered when he's sitting there now very much alive? What no one knows is that he may be dying at that moment and he only has so much time to speak his peace. He's there at homicide to give his testimony and the man in charge looks at him like he's a suspect of another kind. Th
  17. One of the lady's tells Parker to take a last look at the street kid, so they all look back over their shoulders at the street they won't see for however long they are going to be in jail. At first, Parker's character doesn't want to get out of the wagon, almost as if she is trying to convince her self that this isn't really happening to her. She looks scared to bits. I don't know if all of the lady's are tramps, but that's no reason for the officer to make such a sweeping generalization. From the start, the camera looks out a window with bars on it. This, as it turns out is the back of t
  18. Danger, but the two in the front seat don't know it immediately. After they do, they both realize they could be killed at any moment by this person. And they will never pick up a hitch hiker again. Many motorists don't believe that they could come across someone like this hitch hiker, so they pull over and decide to be the good sumaritan and help the hitcher out. In this scene, the dash board lights only show the two men in front. The mysterious hitch hiker is in shadow in the back. They are driving at night which adds to the suspense. In Kiss Me deadly, Christina is a woman running
  19. Ok, so we find Christina running down the road, at night, wearing only a trench coat. And after the opening credits are done, we then find out that she may be an escapee from a mental hospital. Instead of turning her in, Mike decides to help her. Christina is definitely in some kind of trouble and is very afraid. She may even fear for her life and she would do anything, say anything to keep from going back to where she escaped from. Mike is obviously interested by her predicament, though he only knows that she escaped from a mental hospital. She doesn't appear to be insane or mentally il
  20. The entrance of Garfield is one of innocence. He is applying for a job at the establishment. And he meets his boss right way. From there the wife, Turner, enters the scene. She deliberately drops her lipstick. This was done to get Garfield's attention and it worked perfectly. They size one another up during this scene. She can tell from the look on his face that this guy wants her. If he wants her badly enough, she can get him to do anything. And since she is married, he will have to do something about that. Even though, Garfield is struck dumb by the wife at first, he makes her come
  21. I love Peter Lorre. I wish he had been utilized more in a leading part. Lorre is coming home to his apartment or hotel room and is surprised by Greenstreet, who happens to have a gun. The each surprised one another as Greenstreet states when Lorre comes in. He intended to make the room look like no one had been there and leave. They each are looking into the person of Dimitrios. A give and take of information and wanting to know why the other is searching for this Dimitrios. They are both searching for answers and assume others have the truth and won't tell. I'm not sure about Nobody L
  22. This scene reminds me of Annette Benning and Warren Beatty in Bugsy. The part where she says to him, "Why don't you go blow yourself a soda?" Greer's character and Mitchum's character are both cautious with one another, but curious and willing to take a chance. We find out that she doesn't wear earrings and she prefers another bar where a man plays American music. She tells these things to Mitchum's character. The way she doesn't finish the drink she has ordered makes me wonder if she knew he would be there? And if she knew that, he's being set up for something. That is what a noir film
  23. She seemed to be doing a strip tease show for the audience in this scene. Rita told Johnny that now the whole club knows what she is. That he married her and there is nothing he can do to get away from what Gilda is. I assume it means she was either a prostitute, stripper or kept woman. And since she has been this for most of her adult life, she can't be anything else. No matter how hard she has tried and Johnny would like to forget. Also, the deeper meaning could be that Gilda can be had by any man who has the right amount of money to take care of her. I don't think she intended to bec
  24. I feel sorry for Mildred. No matter what she does, it's never good enough for her daughter. Already before this point in the film, Mildred has lost one of her daughters, physically. Her youngest dies early in the film. At this point in the film, Mildred finally realizes she has lost Veda. She could not let herself see this before, but now Mildred sees it. And after this rift happens Mildred tires to find ways to fill her now empty life and home. It doesn't take long for Veda to come back, but she doesn't crawl back. And boy when they do try to mend it falls apart all the way between mo
  25. I have never seen M, so I can't really say. This opener put me on edge. There he sits waiting for the bell, so to speak, that will tell him he is free. I half think this character felt like a caged animal. He states that he can't wait to be around people. He must have been in solitary confinement. How terrible that is! Some people have to be locked up for a while, but I get the feeling that this character either didn't do what he was locked up for, or maybe he had a very good reason why he did it. Like his wife was going to kill him instead, kind of like in the movie Niagra, or how abo
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