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  1. Here is an out of the box or left field suggestion; Knight and Day. Tag it to the combination of wrong man, blonde, plane/train/bus/car/etc, exotic locales, quirky relationship, crossed with screwball comedy. Box office failure but a good flick non-the-less.
  2. I too was thinking of a picture that until this, no one mentioned. Who knows, perhaps only you and I saw it. The Hot Spot has many Hitchcock like elements and if people have not seen it, I believe it is worth your time.
  3. To add to your point in #2, "You get the picture of what is going to happen - no graphic scene needed." Hitchcock loves playing with the audience and in the ending of this movie, perhaps a tease to the censors. As our lead characters are back in the train, in their stateroom and we all know what is about to happen, the scene cuts away to the train going into a tunnel. I get a chuckle every time I see it and I am sure this is what Hitchcock was going for.
  4. This opening sequence suggest being off balance, fear, and dread. It goes without saying if you are viewing a Hitchcock film one is already prepared for a suspenseful ride and this opening only solidifies that feeling. I find the eyes and of course the swirling graphics support each other just as the design and score. When the eyes look back and forth, I see the concern of looking out for danger and then the widening of the eye indicates the fear that the danger has been seen. The swirling graphics make you feel off balance, dizzy, and then perhaps falling in a death spiral as the movie title
  5. Long yes but worth the read. Well done sir. I too am a huge fan of Brooks and Wilder.
  6. I understand the talent but I personally boycott Allen since he married his adopted daughter.
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