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  1. this course was great i enjoyed chatting with all you folks and this course helped me think of noir films in ways i hadn't considered before, it forced me to really think about the intentions of directors, cinematographers and actors THANK YOU ALL
  2. i agree, i've been a big fan of noir for a long time, but this course helped me think about films in ways i hadn't considered before
  3. i will stick around and hopefully chat with the rest of you i wish i could travel to the various Noir Cities but my circumstances are such that travel requires lots of planning for me, almost to the point of inconvenience, but i've enjoyed getting to know you all thank you all
  4. i like this idea, i think it's fantastic. however i wonder where a decision like this will lead. i'm certain fans of westerns, war movies, horror, musicals, etc. are all going to want a time slot and not everyone will be happy with the time slots their favorites get
  5. thank you TCM! I used to watch GILDA all the time up until a few years ago, when I stopped watching my dvd collection. Up until a few weeks ago, when TCM aired the film during Noir Fridays, I hadn't seen it in at least four years. And now again tonight!! Every time I see this film I fall in love with Rita all over again.
  6. i think the shows that had the biggest impacts on me were THE TWILIGHT ZONE and KOLCHAK: THE NIGHT STALKER
  7. Hawaii Five-0 certainly had some dark and disturbing episodes, but i have a hard time qualifying it as film noir. I can see where you're coming from, but there are better candidates for noir tv shows.
  8. you should be able to find everything here, not sure if the first quiz is still up though https://www.canvas.net/browse/bsu/tcm/courses/film-noir
  9. the pulps had a lot of impact on film noir. i don't just mean the usuals like Black Mask, Detective Story, All Detective, Dime Mystery, Nick Carter, True Detective, Dime Detective, etc... but also Doc Savage, Weird Tales, Unknown Worlds, The Shadow, Top Notch, Adventure, The Spider, etc. check them out stories aren't always great, but they are an interesting piece of history
  10. not a film noir but i think it will lead people in that direction CITIZEN KANE
  11. yeah i kinda miss the daily patter of the daily doses looking at tomorrow's schedule, there's a pretty good lineup maybe i'll get on to discuss some of the movies and we get a Cornell Woolrich adaptation to boot
  12. i was looking at the key largo fest, too, but it also coincides with a convention i want to attend and will probably participate in
  13. yes and as it is, they were printed on pulp paper which deteriorates rapidly i have a huge collection of pulps and sometimes it tears me apart that no matter how well you care for them, they fall apart on you
  14. you know, if anyone wants to grant me a nice birthday or everyday gift... http://www.ebay.com/itm/Black-Mask-The-Maltese-Falcon-in-Original-Parts-All-5-issues-from-1929-and-1930-/221635061573?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item339a7aa745
  15. this isn't film, but books GUN, WITH OCCASIONAL MUSIC by Jonathan Lethem (inspired by a few lines in Chandler's PLAYBACK: "There was nothing to it. The Super Chief was on time, as it almost always is, and the subject was as easy to spot as a kangaroo in a dinner jacket." MCTEAGUE by Frank Norris CARTER BEATS THE DEVIL by Glen D. Gold
  16. it was acting odd last night, also. not sure what's happening
  17. Ken Bruen is himself a pretty good writer of noir fiction. i never make much of top lists, but i thought it might be interesting to hear what the folks in this group like to read. Bruen gave some nods that i was impressed with like Piccirilli, Matthew McBride, and Rob Leininger. I don't mind that he didn't include Dashiell Hammett or Raymond Chandler. everyone knows them. Bruen does start the article with a disclaimer, and we don't know how he decided his list. If i were to list those who had an impact on my own writing, i wouldn't include Hammett or Chandler either.
  18. woohoo another 100% on quiz #3, and this time there were 4 screaming kids in the house. proudest of this one yet
  19. oh man, can't believe i forgot Richard Prather. i have tons of his Shell Scott novels.
  20. i couldn't watch this at all. it was poorly done. this was my first viewing of the film, too. i avoided this film all my life because Raymond Chandler absolutely hated it, and i figured he would know best. i should have listened
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