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  1. I'll be more specific.... I tried the game on an iPad Pro AND on a desktop iMac. I got everything to work (i.e., it did not freeze), but it took several "refreshes" for the individual tap sequences to play. The problem I had on BOTH devices was that when I went to check on my choices for the sequence to see if they were correct, I clicked to get the answer, but it looked like the link to the answers was broken. I went nowhere and couldn't see if my answers were correct. I also never saw the other choices beyond "Anything Goes" (a favorite of mine anyway), so I suspect it was because I
  2. 1. With the exception of the massing of birds overhead as Melanie is ready to go into the store, you would have no idea this is going to be a dark film. The "meet cute" introduction is very much a romantic comedy staple, and the two characters play along with it. She's intrigued, and we don't yet know why he continues the game (other than her attractiveness) when she clearly doesn't have the knowledge about birds that he has. 2. I noticed the difference between the sound of the birds outside and the birds inside. Outside, while not completely menacing, the sound is a little more hars
  3. 1. Before you see the graphics, you hear the agitated and staccato strings of the orchestra. This is not going to be a smooth, leisurely film! The graphics echo so much of what's in the film -- dark/light lines; vertical/horizontal -- reminiscent of the "criss cross" of Strangers on a Train. The most obvious use of the lines is to foreshadow the split personalities of both Norman Bates and Marion Crane. Norman is clinically split, to the point that he even has full conversations with himself in the guise of his mother (including another voice). For Marion, it's more of a moral conflict --
  4. 1. The music starts first, and sets a tone of mystery with a lot of punctuation from dark brass sounds that are dissonant from the hypnotic tone of the rest of the opening of the score. The mood is definitely ominous, but also somewhat relaxing -- so it sets up that there are going to be a lot of conflicts in this film. 2. For me the single most powerful image is when the face is washed over with red, and the spiral begins in her eye. That is one arresting image, and it starts the sequence of all the different types of spirals. I find it interesting that the sequence with the spiral
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