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  1. Quite simply: watching the opening moments of Ministry of Fear triggered the exact response I'm sure Lang intended: the beginning opening credits went on so long, so silently, so tediously...DRIP DRIP DRIP... I thought I was going to lose my mind. As it went on and on and on, part of me wanted to scream :GET ON WITH IT ALREADY!!!! By the time the opening lines of dialogue were spoken, I was hooked- totally hooked and this wasn't even a movie I cared about watching. --Can't wait to see it!
  2. From my understanding, this was one of the first times in filmdom that a film opens with the discussion of the death of the title character. Right off the bat that causes the viewer to lose balance... I agree with GipsieGirl in an earlier post that the masks on the wall serve many purposes- but to me chief among them, the fact that Lydecker is a calculated and coldblooded, textbook psychopath. His arrogance and demeanor in the bathtub point to deep narcissism at the very least. The clock face also is swathed in meaning. This is a great Noir indeed and I am looking forward to seeing it again!
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