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  1. Wow!! Gilda is beautiful, sexy and a confident woman. You can take a women off the streets but you can not take the street out of the women. You can not control this type of women .Many men in Film Noir try but they often fail, leading to disaster. She's a Femme Fatale. Since Film Noir combined many art forms it would also incorporate the most popular music from the era which was Jazz. Gilda is filmed in a seductive way and the song is very sensual . She almost does a striptease but goes to far with the zipper. Even her man's partner is enjoying the show until he catches himself. Her man slaps her after she leaves the stage and she almost call herself a ****. Why is it that the same thing that attracts you to a person can make you hate them for the same reason? We learn the basis of their relationship from this scene. I don't know how this is going to end but it does not look good for them at this point.
  2. When we first view the Diner it looks like any diner in a urban setting. You get the feeling of isolation and loneliness, as depicted in the artwork of the time. We get the feeling that something is wrong when a customer is told the cook is sick there's no food served. Why is a diner open at night that's not serving grub. Why is a man sitting at the counter. The camera takes us in the diner and we find out the man is a killer looking for Big Swede. Swede is not coming in so he and his partner leave.Before they leane he tells the owner that tonight is his lucky night and he should go play the races, insinuating that everybody was going to be killed if Swede would have came in. This is shot realistically . The young man is sent to warn him. We have a formalize shot of him running and jumping fences to reach Swede. Next we are in Swede's dark room ,full of shadows and lights. This has that expressionist Look and feel, we hear Swede's voice but don't see his face. He is resigned to his fate. There will be no happy ending to this story, no troops coming in to save him ,no winning. Very Film Noir not upbeat like American films used to be. This film shows many art forms coming together to make Film noir The story itself ,the music of the time, the artwork of the time and other genres of films all come together in great Film Noir.
  3. The thing I noticed is that both women are in black. this is going along with the dark look of Film noir. the background and the foreground have equal lighting in the scene. When Mildred approaches Veda she is sitting on the couch. Mildred is standing over and talking down to her like a mother talking to her child. Veda gets up and moves away and turns her back to her.Veda starts to tell her mother off and she is almost as tall as her mother.Then Veda moves to the stairs in which she is able to talk down to her mother. this is where she thinks she belongs above her mother. Mildred rips up the check and Veda smacks her. Veda's greed is appalling to Mildred. Veda is heading for a fall. The theme is dark.Veda shows a dark side of human nature.This is film noir territory. Film noir styling is beginning to cross genres.
  4. The cop walks into a lavish apartment. Everything is in its proper place. Before we meet Lydecker we get a sense of what kind of a person he is.The furnishings are meticulous and expensive we know that he is successful and has good taste. Frank calls this character study of furnishings and faces. the one wall is full of different masks which is really the cops job ,to unmask the situation and get to the truth. Frank says this is a study of faces. The director lets us meet Lydecker in the tub soaking., which is unusual . We know that this is Going to be a weird and unusual story. Who invites a cop into the bathroom with while they are using it. That is some sort of bathroom isn't it? The cop comes in and starts the interview like everything is normal. He even asks for a wash cloth then a robe. Something is just slightly off with these two. The flashback is one of the staples of Film Noir. Since Laura is already dead, we are going to piece the story together thru. flashbacks
  5. Marlowe acts as if he is from the streets. He knows what's going on and he is down with it. He is not letting anyone pull the wool over his eyes or run a game on him.He knows the way criminals act, think, and behave. he talks that talk and walks that walk .Frank describes this as being on the fringes of the law and Marlowe is. Marlowe is the main character of this story. Frank calls him the protagonist. He is not just a mechanism but we are following him as he interacts with the people in the story. He is not like those sauve and debonair detectives from the thirties, like a Nick Charles. Marlowe is something new and more realistic. He can be charming and knows his way around a woman but that not the way he perceives himself that is just one facet of his multi faceted personality. These stories were written by men who told the stories based on the world as they perceived it to be. Not from some fantasy world but how these people would act in real life.Frank wrote about this new phenomenon in his article. The American dream was starting to be unattainable for a lot of people.
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