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  1. This course, The Master of Suspense: 50 years of Hitchcock, was my summer vacation. I loved learning, sharing, viewing and going to different places these films took me . Thank you for a most enjoyable adventure. A big thanks to Professor Richard Edwards ( you haven't aged at all) Wes Gehring,(you are very knowledgeable and serious about your passion)Ball State University and TCM. As all great directors have collaborators, I thank your team for making it all happen with professionalism and fun. I will miss reading TCM message board and everyone's comments, it was very enlightening. I took the
  2. Just saw the Shindig video with Richard Edwards and Alexander Phillippe. The topics and questions discussed were enlightening. I loved the informal forum. I appreciate that people want to delve more in to what makes a great artist, but sometimes it's the need to just create and keep things anew. I think if Hitchcock analyzed why he did certain things in his films, we would not have this volume of outstanding films. He just did them. As far as collaborators, he might be interested in working with,I would have to say Chris Nolan. I feel he is an artist/entertainer just as Hitchcock was. He also
  3. Danny DeVito's "Throw Mama from the Train" 1987. Hilarious movie and DeVito definitely paid tribute to the Master, with his criss/cross murder. I think "Body Heat" could have paid homage to Hitchcock as well. There was a lot of twist and turns that Hitchcock would have recognized. I just finished watching the movie "Witness" Peter Weir director. I definitely saw the Hitchcock influence in this film as well. The camera shots, the suspense, the musical score and the cinematography. Weir definitely was paying attention.
  4. I just read Steve Vertlieb's article: Herrmann and Hitchcock:The Torn Curtain, and found it informative and fascinating about the relationship of these two great artists. I think there is a movie in this working collaboration. I'm so sad that egos got in the way towards the end of their careers. I am grateful for their contributions and their artistic respect for one another when things were in synch.
  5. The graphic title design is like looking through blinds. This conjures up a voyeuristic theme that we saw in Rear Window. The word Psycho is sliced in pieces. A hint of what is to come in the film. Bernard Herrmann music is psycho. I can't even image what this film would be like without it. The stabbing sounds are haunting and recognizable anywhere. By defining the exact day, date and time of the opening scene, we are brought to this through a window with semi-closed blinds to an afternoon liaison between Marion and Sam. We know that the Marion is a risk taker by engaging in this illicit affai
  6. This is pure joy to watch the art of seduction by these two handsome actors. Their chemistry is extraordinary. I couldn't help compare the flirting between Grace Kelly and Cary Grant in "To Catch a Thief". Their flirting was adolescent compared to this. Eva Marie Saint was in total control with her eye contact and lack of outward emotions. Hitchcock definitely had an innate ability to cast stars that would captivate the audience. The subtle sound design played right along with this **** for tat seduction dual. This is my favorite part of the whole movie. It hooked me.
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