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  1. If you take a hard-boiled writer, and a director working at the edges of noir, with a plot that features tough moral choices and immoral characters, it is bound to look a little bit noir. After the illumination about low and high camera angles in the Maltese Falcon podcast, the part of the scene on the staircase drew special attention for the physical representation of the power shifts. I do not remember enough of the plot to be confident about why the two are dressed similarly with similar hairstyles. Is it Mildred's controlling personality, a part of what Veda wants to escape from? Is i
  2. Summer of Darkness!

  3. The clock is a classic tension-building device (think High Noon and countless ticking bomb TV dramas). I wonder how early the use of it here is? The deep shadow and weird light angles are sooo noir. A man stands in the door and his shadow appears on the wall beside him? Shadows go where I want them! The pipe and bald head are stereotype shorthand that the Dr. is a psychiatrist. The clenching and relaxing of the hands show inner tension. There are bars on the window... We get information about the past -- don't get involved in police business again-- in a way that raises questions.
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