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  1. Well, I think that people who promote movies will try to find as many angles as possible to pull in an audience. Like when a movie is advertised as "featuring" a certain actor/actress and then you watch the thing and they're in it for like two minutes. I think that "noir" is something that a lot of people (especially non-experts) associate with sultry femme fatales, violence, and mystery-thriller plots. It's certainly a word that makes me sit up and pay attention. It implies darkness, and that's a good way to get people interested. You almost have to wonder if the people writing the market
  2. As with any genre, there are movies that seem absolutely steeped in noir tropes, while others seem to have just a hint of noir elements. There's definitely a grey area, and I don't think that you can draw a firm line and say "This is what makes something a real noir, while that is what makes something just a movie with noir touches." I do, though, think that the label "noir" is sometimes used as a lazy short-hand for any crime or thriller or mystery filmed in black and white. Similarly, I think that the phrase "neo-noir" is sometimes also too broadly applied. I think that some people genui
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