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  1. The song is about everything bad that happens can be blamed on a women. This is how Glenn ford's character is feeling about Gilda. Everything bad is her fault and she is going out and almost making fun of that idea saying yes blame everything on women. At the same time she is is putting on a show for Johnny. The whole movie is Gilda putting on a show for Johnny but this is the culminating scene.
  2. There are several film noir elements in the scene. One being Veda who is a classic femme fetale who only cares about money, who will lie and muniplate to get what she wants. The lighting also has shades of film noir with the darkness and shadows. The music was also typical of a film noir.
  3. Lydecker is first introduced because he has many of the classic film noir traits. He is smart, mysterious, and a step a head of everyone. He is also able to give a narration perfect to the story with a perfect opening line. Laura's opening scene is important to the film noir genre because it starts the movie off with so much intrigue. You've come to watch a movie about Laura only to find out she's dead before the movie even be gain. It's a plot twist before their is a plot. It has the darkness and mystery that make film noir so wonderful.
  4. The beginning of the letter is a surprise compared to most film noir which is filled with mystery of who can and can't be trusted. The letter goes right out and tells who is bad in the first scene with many witnesses. Not only is the villain revealed to many people but the moon light shining down is also very different the the dark foggy look of most noirs. I think this is to further emphasize the fact that Davis has been seen murdering him so she even gets a spotlight.
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