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    All in my TCM Profile, along with my Pic. Not able to upload it on the Message Board even though I adapted my pic to be less than 50KB.
  1. I am relatively new to TCM Backlot. I know there are many classic movie fans in the Kansas City area (from as far east as Lexington, Missouri to as far west/southwest as Lenexa and Lawrence). Would be great to start a Backlot Group based in KC even if many of us traveled to various places to see the best classic movies. I know that in both Missouri and Kansas there are small theatres showing many indie films as well as classic ones too. Just FYI, I've been involved with the True/False Film Fest based in Columbia, Mo, for that past four years - the nonprofit "Ragtag Cinema Org" is the umbrella org and I was able to watch so many indie films and classics there when I lived there and visited it keeps me motived. I have tried to volunteer for the KC Film Fest in the past year and for some reason was never recruited. Doesn't matter. Each fest has a unique culture and how it works. Here in KC there is the Tivoli, and I know of a few w/in 20 miles west of the Mo/Ks border which show indie films and sometimes classics as well. I hope a Backlot Group would help all of these smaller theatres show classics, in addition to the few Fathom Events' showings of classics in the area. Of course, having as many people meet in person to watch movies at a theatre or someone's home theatre, plus discuss plans on how to pursue local theatres to show classics is a prime idea for me. One can never have too many classic movie fans. I'm also a lover of Noir, yet I'm not limited to it at all. I don't think I'm allowed to share my personal contact info. I live up in KC North, but traveling all over the area works for me when it comes to a meetup. One thing I must insist: age means nothing. Whether it's a guy like me in his 40s or someone in his/her 80s or late teens, our love of classic movies brings us together. No ageism in any way. My dream - a weeklong Classic Film Festival in the KC area (west from Lawrence to Lexington or Grain Valley to the east). I hope several movies would be shown at local indie theatres (Tivoli, Screenland, Fine Arts, Cinetopia, Alamo, Standees to name just a few). I would also hope that the major mainline chains also participate to show one or two showings of the films for the Fest - AMC, B&B, Cinemark, Regal, etc). This is a dream. I think if we all start meeting and working together, that might happen on a fifth anniversary of the local classic movie festival. It has taken a decade and a half for Columbia, Missouri to host one of the largest documentary-only Film Festivals in the world. Movies are shown which have been "written off," "forgotten," and "ignored." Over the years it has become a driver for many, if not most of the films shown there to be distributed on the big screen or via other methods: PBS, HBO, Showtime, Hulu, Magnolia, etc. Last year one was nominated for an Oscar. We can take established classic films and create a fest to highlight these. And in some cases bring those involved in another Film Festival based in the midwest. There will be challenges as to those in the film and involved to come visit, but we have the advantage of working with the TCM family for experts, book authors and others to introduce these films. Thanks all! - Rob Bowling. wrbowling2@gmail.com. Twitter: RobRocket2 (email is better than twitter).
  2. I still haven't received my refund from TCM for the remainder of my Now Playing Guide in print. I email but only get a general, automated reply. I guess I'll have to file a dispute with my credit card company.
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