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  1. Since we're talking jazz... No one (that I've read) has mentioned YOUNG MAN WITH A HORN as Noir. Right time in film history, B&W, noirish lighting techniques. Narrator (Hoagy Carmichael), driven & tortured musician (Kirk Douglas), twisted (?) & manipulative female (Lauren Bacall), an innocent (Doris Day), flashbacks, nightmares, class & race issues, etc. And that MUSIC & questions of what "drives" & what kills. The original book (by Dorothy Baker) is good, too. {For anyone interested, she & her husband (Howard) & Peter Tewksbury & his wife (Kit) co-foun
  2. HE WALKED BY NIGHT got to me. Saw it while babysitting in So.I'll., but I was swept into the hunt 1500 miles & 12 years earlier.
  3. Overall, LAURA's a noir take on PYGMALION, or maybe PYGMALION, The Gritty Freudian Years, with Vincent Price as Freddy and THAT BATHTUB instead of the magnificent Victorian library.
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