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  1. I'll second the endorsement for Hard Case Crime. They put out some terrific stuff. Great cover artwork, too.
  2. Hi everybody, If you're looking for Film Noir flicks to watch between Fridays on TCM there are quite a few streaming on Netflix and Amazon Prime. A quick search revealed Scarlet Street, Raw Deal, You Only Live Once and My Gun is Quick on Netflix and Cry Danger, Pitfall and T-Men on Amazon Prime. If you find others, please feel free to post them here.
  3. I had an odd intro to Film Noir. When I was about 8 years old,I went to the movies to see the Steve Martin film "Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid" and that was my gateway to Film Noir. In the film, Martin "co-stars" with the heavyweights of Film Noir via wonderfully edited clips from films such as "Double Indemnity", "The Big Sleep" and "White Heat". Martin and Carl Reiner's collaboration was a loving parody/homage to a Film Noir and it introduced me to that dark world. Watching this movie made me want to track down all of the movies featured in it. And soon my love of Film Noir was in full swing.
  4. I like to think of Film Noir as a cinematic movement full of unique style that became a genre. Although its heyday was the 1940s-1950s,Film Noir lives on in Chinatown, L.A. Confidential,Drive,Thief, Killer Joe and so on.
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