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  1. Ditto on all the 'Thank you' sentiments. I've enjoyed this class, Professor Edwards, Eddie Muller, TCM and the films noir tremendously. ???????????????????????????????????????????????? I hope that this is only the beginning of many online courses through TCM... ❤️
  2. It was lots of fun! Thanks for getting in my question about what happens to the original film print in the process of film restoration. Quite a relief to know they don't destroy the original.
  3. exactly! I too feel like this class taught me that I was not out to pasture that I could actually learn something new! Congrats to you n your accomplished kids!
  4. I feel like I was just starting to get into the Summer of Darkness when it's just about over and I would like to stay in touch somehow with you guys...
  5. Would any of you like to continue discussing film noir or other topics after this course has expired? If so, I noticed there's a "Film Noir-Gangster " thread under the "Genre Forum" on this TCM Message Board. Mayhaps we can continue there?
  6. Raincheck stepback n catch a reality check. Eddie Muller is probably the best authority on film noir and is certainly the csar of noir. Without his foundation which repairs film noir films that we would otherwise not get to view, we would be left with destroyed and unwatchable scraps of unintelligible film footage. So thanks yes thanks to you Eddie! I hope to read more of you contributions to film noir.
  7. The major theme here is the changing face of the woman in society in a changed society. A woman is running like hell on the unforgiving street barefoot and naked under a raincoat. As she stops dead in front of the second car she sees, we don't know from whom or what she is running except that she's willing to risk her life to get away from it. Her breath is primal. It is loud, heavy and wild as she pounds the pavement in search of help. In this post-war world she is not the usual picture of femininity which is perhaps that of a wife and mother, modest, safe and secure in her domestic posi
  8. The creed of film noir as spoken by Nick, the dying husband in The Postman Always Rings Twice: "Everything went dark. What happened?"
  9. Glad we get a break this week from June 28 - July 4. As it gives me time to do the supplementary readings on how to analyze and articulate what I'm seeing as a film noir aficionado. I've wanted to post more about the films we're seeing but I'm rather new to the language of film noir and film in general. Hopefully this will help me be less intimidated to post. It may or may not but either way I know I am learning a lot in this class (film noir stylistic elements are now infiltrating my dreams, which are getting scarier thanks a lot ????). In case you missed these supplemental read
  10. Sucks that it's always the woman that brings these freaks down. Where's Zachary Scott when you need him?
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