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  1. While Jazz, both 'real' and pop jazz figurer prominently in noir movies. I think the real point is the expressive qualities to whatever musical genre is employed as a soundtrack. The use of abrasive tonalities, daring rhythmic motives and dissonant melodies really seem to dominate the musical scores.
  2. The first thing that jumped out to me was the raw sexuality of it. The song itself seems to be about how a woman's sexuality can affect the world around her. It's affect on men and as a force of nature itself. The sequence seemed sado-masochistic to me. The display was to inflict pain on Johnny and to elicit a violent, painful response in return. To generalize, it looks at women as emotional/sexual actors/victims in the world as opposed to, say, Mildred Pierce as a practical/practical driver of plot and action, who also, interestingly enough was a victim.
  3. True, BUT . . . The real power of casting is when the casting goes against type. How does the power of a performance change when Bogart IS the villain? How about when the script and characterization leads one to the conclusion that Bogart is the killer. only to clear him later in the final scenes? While it may not be likely, but it can be wonderful when you cannot take anything for granted
  4. @Doctor Mabuse Beyond any aesthetic reason for this first person portion of the opening, the most obvious reason for this strategy is to deal with the face change of the title character. Which came first, the aesthetic or the utilitarian?, whichever I found it very effective.
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