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  1. My husband and I are going to LA in a few months and wanted to book a studio tour or 2. The Warner Brothers Tour (advertised on TCM) looks good. Sony (once upon a time MGM,) Paramount and Universal also appear to do tours. Has anyone done any of these and, if so, which do you recommend?
  2. Thanks for the picks and even more for the pix.
  3. Never saw it. Now I think I never will.
  4. Glad to see Juarez and Marked Woman on your list! I think they are overlooked too much.
  5. While I appreciate the artistry, I just can't stand The Little Foxes on any level.
  6. Right you are. But . . . I did put my Bette's Best which should have led you to Miss Davis!! (Heck, I didn't think Bette Midler even had 10 films to her name . . .)
  7. I'm loving this month on TCM and started to rank some of the films that are, in my humble opinion, Bette's Best. Admittedly, a few of these are my "Bette Guilty Pleasures . . ." What are your Bette's Best? 1. All About Eve 2. The Letter 3. Marked Woman 4. Now Voyager 5. Dangerous 6. Old Acquaintance 7. Mr. Skeffington 8. The Great Lie 9. The Man Who Came To Dinner 10. The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex
  8. Hmmm . . . So many great songs to choose from. But, if I have to pick my favorites, I'd say: 1. But Not For Me. 2. The Trolley Song. 3. The Man That Got Away. 4. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas. 5. (Tie) Get Happy and Over the Rainbow.
  9. Such a shame. I always thought she was so beautiful and extremely talented.
  10. She sure seems to relish to role as "Chief-Witch-In-Charge." If you can find it on YouTube, it's definitely great for Halloween (or anytime) screening.
  11. Personally, I find The Dark Secret of Harvest Home to be a guilty Bette Davis pleasure. Late 70's I think.
  12. Watching Meet John Doe and it occurs to me that Edward Arnold deserves a spotlight.
  13. I bet Jay Leno is all over this. Isn't he a big motorcycle collector?
  14. Full disclosure here, I pretty much hate anything Brando did (no idea why he is considered such a genius) with the exception being The Godfather films. Way less being "over the top" in those films. (Thank you, Francis Ford Coppola for keeping him under control.)
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