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  1. I loved how the crazy street angles and doorway angles make you feel off kilter, just like the main character is feeling. We first see Orson Welles' very shiny shoes (film noir). When we see his face it is the only part of the scene that is in the light, another formalist technique. The zither music seems to add emotion to the scene, it imitates the frustration when the main charchter splashes the water out of the fountain and creates the excitement when the police office thinks of the hidden staircase as an escape route. The zither even does a sort of "tah dah" this is how he escaped when
  2. I noticed the realist style with the fly-over of Mexico, like a documentary as in the Border Incident with the narration. Even though it is daylight and they are indoors, there are plenty of shadows on the faces of the main characters, like when she lights her cigarette and he stands up from his table. It is beautifiully crafted. She has a pessimistic attitude when she says she'll never wear the earrings he offers. They are both lonely characters. He wants someone to share his view of the ocean and she reveals she is lonely saying she sometimes goes to the cantina where they play American
  3. I have not seen this movie so I don't know the context of the scene, but it seems odd that both women are wearing entirely black. Veda is wearing a beautiful white flower on her dress which is an unsettling contrast to her rotten personality and black dress. Veda is positioned higher up on the stairs to try to give her more of a power stance. The staircase itself is a gothic type wrought iron which adds a little haunting feeling. It is hard for me to believe from the furnishings of the home that there are chickens and pies being baked. I would definitely like to see this movie to resolve
  4. I think the ticking clock in both films builds anticipation. What is going to happen? I see film noir characteristics in that the room where he is waiting is dark, there are shadows of barren tree branches on the gates of the asylum that appear haunting, and the street that he is released to his disturbingly quiet -no street sounds or people walking by.
  5. As far as being a "study of faces", we get to study the detective's face as does the narrator, because he "makes him wait" and can see him through the half open door. I was shocked the first time I saw this movie that the narrator was naked in the bathtub. There weren't even any bubbles to hide things. It was still shocking the second time. It does put you out of balance. If this person was to be left alone by Laura's death, it is strange that he spent the time documenting his every move at the time, instead of grieving. I am new at studying film noir, but I noticed the repetition of the
  6. The first person POV worked for me. I have always loved escapee type movies and in this one the POV makes you really feel like you are the one on the run right away. I only thought it didn't work as well when he was punching the driver. The constant questions from the driver really added tension to the movie. I was really hooked and I am trying to find a way to see the whole movie. I don't have TCM. Another source for movies could be your local public library. I was able to find Laura and M at mine.
  7. I am in no way an experienced film reviewer but I thought that it appeared as if the train were going too fast but yet the engineers seemed calm, by lighting a cigarette for a smoke. I felt that when they went through the tunnel and it was pitch black that something catastrophic could happen, and then it appeared that the train heading the other way would hit them dead on. I think they may have done that on purpose with the camera angle. I thought that having the film go completely black in tunnel and only having the screeching sounds was pretty innovative for the time this was made. I a
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