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  1. If Mr Hitchcock were to make the movie Psycho today, do you think he would make a vastly different movie or still make the same film? In particular, how might the shower scene be filmed differently.
  2. I see the beginnings of the "Hitchcock touch" in this sequence. His voyeuristic tendencies show in the shots from the wings of the stage versus more straightforward shots from the audience. Felt to me like we were "spying" on the performance. Also, the man who "peeps" at the dancers' legs with his opera glasses.
  3. While I think Gilda's song is just amazingly sexy, I don't think it qualifies as classic Noir in my estimation, though the movie does. It certainly is not like a number from a 1930s Astaire/Rogers film, I think it is light, bawdy and not especially dark or menacing. However, Clare Trevor singing her number in Key Largo, that is more in the mood of Film Noir. What do you all think?
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