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  1. It's interesting how the emphasis on opening credits evolves over time. It seems to take decades for this portion of a film to become more than just words on the screen. In the film's so far in this course, the first title sequence I remember that was more graphically interesting was in Saboteur. It was just an image of an elongated shadow of a man against a sort of corrugated metal background, but it establishes a sense of foreboding and mystery appropriate for the story ahead. Are there other opening credits in the Hitchcock films that stand out in the films before the title designs from Ver
  2. I think there is a lot to like about Lifeboat, but it requires a greater suspension of disbelief than most films. Although I love Bankhead, the opening image of her sitting in the boat in a fur coat and flawless make-up, while everyone else is wet and covered in oil...well, it's an opening that serves Bankhead as an icon more than it serves the dramatic needs of the film. Just my opinion. Just out of curiosity, does anyone know if Hitchcock was a fan of Eugene O'Neill? Two of O'Neill's one-act plays from the 1910s are set in lifeboats, and one includes a mother who won't except that her ba
  3. Drat! I thought I was firm on my top 5 films when I posted the list last week. Now I've got to work The 39 Steps into the list! Great film. I hadn't seen it in a long, long time. What a great blend of suspense and romantic comedy.
  4. 1. Shadow of a Doubt 2. Strangers on a Train 3. Notorious 4. North by Northwest 5. The Man Who Knew Too Much (yes...the Doris Day version)
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