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  1. Was looking forward to watching "Carol" and it never happened.....
  2. Many issues with the new TCM website/schedule. 1. When I view the daily schedule and plug in my time zone (PST) IT DOESN'T STAY THERE if I "get more information" from the site. It reverts to EST. 2. I contacted TCM about the lack of director on certain films and received a somewhat rude reply with screenshot of a film which had the director listed. THIS ISN'T TRUE FOR ALL FILMS. So again had to go to IMDB for info. Maybe the creators of this site should check IMDB for director info if they don't have it? 3. What happened to the email me feature? 4. Have the Imports di
  3. This has been happening: The Philadelphia Story never appeared on Watch TCM. I recorded Ride the Pink Horse and the film stopped before the ending and NO Eddie Muller afterword. This hasn't happened with any other recordings.This film is also not on Watch TCM. Something seems very wrong at TCM. Haven't been able to watch anything via DISH on my PC using either Chrome or Microsoft Edge.
  4. Can't watch TCM on demand/movies on my PC using Chrome or Microsoft Edge. I use DISH and have no trouble logging in. This keeps happening....
  5. Week 3: The Selznick Years- Part 5:Weekly Recap In the video Dr. Gehring talks about the takes in "Rope" as being 8 minutes. In Alfred Hitchcock Peter Ackroyd discusses the "uninterrupted ten minute sequences" and "ten minute takes" (p. 129) Which is accurate?
  6. What happened to The Heartbreak Kid? Planned to watch with some friends on WatchTCM but it's not there! It was listed in Now Playing. Was it actually on? This is the second time this month this has happened. (La Chienne was also absent but listed in TCM Now Playing.) Anybody in charge here?
  7. I was really looking forward to watching La Chienne which Scarlet Street is based on. Any idea if TCM will get it again?
  8. Tried 3 browsers and keep getting error messages that indicate the TCM servers are the problem. On screen: 502 bad gateway nginx Any techies out there?
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