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  1. thanks -- enhances my appreciation for the scene
  2. Anyone know what the lyrics are to the song at the end of Paths of Glory? The five or so German words I could pick out aren't enough... danke
  3. what amazes me in the old movies -- before directors could move the camera & change shots so easily -- was how much more work actors had to do & how little they could get away with. Yeah, they actually had to ACT, instead of knowing they could fall back on fancy editing & camerawork to smooth out the rough edges. They had to use their entire bodies, stay in the moment & always be reacting. In too many movies today, the camera just follows the face of whomever is talking, instead of showing the whole scene. You hardly ever get good reaction footage.
  4. thanks for the info! I am looking forward to sharing this recipe with an authorized mixologist & getting bloody.
  5. Okay, this is random, but I believe it was on Barbara Stanwyk day, in the movie "BF's Daughter," that a woman at a bar ordered a drink called "Blood in the Snow." I can't find any info online about this cocktail, nor has any bartender I've asked heard of it. Anyone out there have a clue? Thanks!
  6. i agree that the Painting w/Light segments are silly & wastes of time. Alan Rickman? Has he done anything notable since being the bad guy in Die Hard? Okay, okay, don't list his entire filmography for me now. But seriously, I love the bits where artists who were there recount their stories of working with the stars (e.g., Ann Blyth on Joan Crawford/Mildred Pierce), but who really cares whether Ving Rhames finds inspiration in BOgie's brilliance when he's trying to get into character for Mission Impossible 2. Puh-leez. Seems like star-f*cking to me.
  7. thanks. i got the info too & wanted to try to download the song but couldn't find it. And since I'd get subpoenaed for using Kazaa now, it's probably just as well!
  8. I think you might be talking about "Two-Faced Woman" (1941) starring Greta Garbo & Melvyn Douglas. http://us.imdb.com/Title?0034328
  9. looking for title of or any info about Looney Tunes cartoon aired 7/16/03 on TCM after Holiday Inn. It starred ants/flies(?) dressed in Cuban costumes, meant to spoof Bing Crosby & the Andrews Sisters. The title was something about Bing, but I missed it & would love to find the musical number. Any help appreciated! Thanks!
  10. every Christmas since I was old enough to go to the theater, my family has gone to the movies. As an adult, I now follow the tradition on my own, but I think this might have been my last year. It used to be a great time-killer for those of us (Jewish etc.) who don't celebrate the Christmas holiday & don't have much to do on a day when everything is closed. Now, however, EVERYONE goes to the movies. It's like they can't endure an entire day of family togetherness anymore. So, instead of having a quiet, non-Christian day at the cinema, I have to fight crowds and all the other **** I try to a
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