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  1. This is classic film noir. This is showing not the traditional family and the feelings they have for each but the black underside of a perverted relationship of a mother and daughter. We can see how the wanting of money can pervert a girl to do anything for the possession of it. As a fun fact, the slap that Vida gives her mother was real. It was impressive to see Joan staying in character.
  2. At the beginning of this film we see a huge clock in the room with a man counting the ticks until freedom. He had been sitting in darkness eagerly awaiting the time to leave the asylum. In the film, M we see the children in a circle with a little girl in the center counting the words to a taboo song. In the apartment we see a clock counting down the time for lunch. The mother eager awaiting the appearance of her daughter. The daughter steps and bouncing of a ball is also counting down to her fate. The man in black eager awaiting his time with the daughter.
  3. Marlow has already been through a lot. Of course he is weary of someone coming to his office early. He is sizing her up by the way he is talking to her and being a little rough when he finds out she is not telling him the truth. Before this detectives such as Sherlock Holmes and Poirot were more genteel in their questioning.
  4. We are shown that Mark is pretty much casing Waldo's apartment. He does recognize the clock that is exactly like Laura's. I feel he was doing this to size up Waldo before the interview. I do like the way we are introduced to Waldo. We are shown that he places himself above everyone else.
  5. I love the POV. You can pretend that you were the desperate one. It also prepares what the escapee goes through. It makes it easier not to know what he looks like. I have seen this done in other film noir such as Lady in the Lake. It is done just as effectively in this film.
  6. Fascination is the word I can think of. The children is fascinated with the dark times. The little girl's death was inevitable. She was the leader of the horrible song so it would seem she had to be punished for her rebellion of the adults.
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