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  1. The narration and the formality of all the crops in rows make the opening very sterile. Its'a a good set up to contrast a gritty, personal tale.
  2. For me it was the moment of the high angle shot down the back alley. It reminded me of the chase scene in M. I guess that's where I would draw the connection of German Expressionism. What I truly liked was when the figure ran out of frame, the camera started to move. I was anticipating a following shot on the figure, but the camera rested on the Swede's body in shadow. Just for a moment, then swung to his door. Knowing that this was the destination, the anticipation of waiting at that door was stimulating. Then he just came in, which I thought was a little bold. But the motivation was right. I
  3. It's the lighting and the soft focus when it goes in for a close-up. The visuals change so drastically. She has this beautiful backlight that highlights her hair which falls effortlessly into place. But the moment is short-lived and the camera goes back to a wider shot. It was just that moment that really caught my attention and could identify with what all the fuss was about.
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