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  1. Absolutely, I think the use of first person POV was successful! It makes it crystal clear with whom the viewer is supposed to identify. This seems both useful and necessary, considering this character is an escaped convict in prison for murdering his wife--not who the average contemporary viewer would be drawn to instinctively, we can assume. By sharing the convict's experience, we are essentially forced to take his side--to feel his fear, to consider his options as if they were our own--and, presumably, the result is that we root for this guy throughout the movie, despite what we learn about
  2. Oh man that MOON! I agree with a few other comments that the importance of that big beautiful thing will probably continue throughout the film (haven't seen the whole thing yet, so we'll see...) but that was definitely what struck me first. It's not a great idea to commit a crime during a full moon if you want to keep it secret... but clearly that's not the case here, so the full moon gets to play the light/shadow game that became so crucial to noir. Of course the biggest surprise is that we immediately learn who the murderer is, full frontal, so to speak, which is so unlike M, where all w
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