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  1. What I found most interesting about this opening scene is how it is almost shot like a documentary yet it is documenting the action of the train more so than any human experience. Of course, this is a means of portraying a human experience which seems to be impending, presumably a train crash of some sort. The machine is shown as powerful and fast and its noise blocks out any dialogue that may be exchanged between the train conductors. The train seems to be rushing ahead, almost uncontrollably so. I think it's interesting that we are never shown the riders or people inside the train. Agai
  2. The overall feeling produced by the opening scene of the film M I would describe as one of impending danger and loss. First, we are shown a circle of children innocently playing a rather sinister game which forebodes what will later happen in the film and what we will soon see and hear has already happened: the abduction and murder of a child by a mysterious menacing man. This scene is shot from above, which gives the eerie sense that someone is watching. Next we see the mother of Else, the murder's next victim, as she prepares dinner for her daughter who is anticipated home from school
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