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  1. Great synchronicity singing, acting, dancing while making a challenging dance number look natural and easy and like they are having fun. Straight guy professor has a tough job essentially not reacting to their shenanigans and dance kicks aimed in his direction. He keeps a stiff upper lip in accordance with his professional dignity. Dancers display their A and B male types (leader and buddy). Kelly and O'Connor's dancing energy and dancing on the furniture reminded me of the similar energy and style they exhibited in the "Good Mornin'" number in Singing in the Rain dancing with Debbie Rey
  2. Doris Day was extremely talented at playing both comedy and dramatic roles and this film shows her multi talented approach to displaying both classic femininity and strong masculine characteristics. The song "Secret Love" was one of her best and I'll always remember it as the hit record it was and that it was the first love song I shared with my first girlfriend in 8th grade. Ours was a "secret love."
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