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  1. Does anyone know of a book that specifically chronicles the lives of the creative people who fled Europe following the rise of Nazism, only to find themselves in the often strange world of Hollywood? I'm particularly interested in their social interaction with one another, their impact on American moviemaking, and their adjustment to U.S. society. Thanks in advance for any recommendations.
  2. As said below by an astute poster, a month devoted to character actors would be delightful. If they could just throw in a day devoted to two of my favorites of the breed--Edmund Gwenn one day--Edna May Oliver the next day--I'd be in movie heaven. Com'on TCM, we love the great actors who carry the movies they appear in.
  3. Winter: 1.) Dr. Zhivago, especially the scenes on the steppes of Russia in the snow & when Zhivago looks at himself in the mirror when he's covered with snow. 2.) A Christmas Story, especially the scenes where the kids are wrapped up so tightly in their snowsuits that they can hardly move, and, of course that immortal scene between the boy and the flagpole. Spring: 1.) Tess, filled with the languid rhythym of rural life, and it's effect on individuals, it's visually splendid. 2.) Dr Zhivago, again! Those acres of daffodils cannot be forgotten if you were lucky enough to see this movi
  4. The end of year In Memoriam is always moving, though especially this year--not only because of the loss of such big stars as Gregory Peck and Katharine Hepburn, but also because of the beautiful footage of less celebrated actors. I was especially moved by the beautiful closeup chosen of Martha Scott, (I believe it was from "Tenth Avenue Angel"). Did anyone notice if Anthony Caruso's image had been included in the montage of those who've passed on--if it was I seem to have missed it. I was reminded of his death this year after viewing him in "A Star in the Night" the beautiful short directed by
  5. Two movie homes make me long for a little spot in the country: In "Random Harvest" there's a little cottage, with the squeaky gate, where Smithee (Ronald Colman) & Paula (Greer Garson) are happy together in obscurity and genteel poverty. "Come to the Stable", in the warm, somewhat untidy little home in the converted barn where Elsa Lanchester paints and seems to survive nicely on tea and possibly sawdust until some ambitious nuns arrive to rouse her from her reverie. Ahh, an open floor plan and country peace!
  6. I apologize for taking so long to reply, but I've had a dickens of a time staying logged in and getting back in!!Aargh.
  7. Ooohh, so close and yet... Clue #1: A Dancing Redhead in a Kilt
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