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  1. Fascinating how they immediately establish dominance. Whether accidental or contrived, they're introduced by the dropped lipstick. She holds her hand out, silently saying "Come here and give it to me". Garfield leans against the counter with the lipstick in his hand, silently "No, YOU come here if you want it". This, I believe, is the moment, the spark that ignites the flame that will destroy. She acquiesces... quickly seeing he's independant, strong, young and handsome...unlike her husband. On her closeup, her eyes are highlighted with light, she sees a ray of hope. There are shadows, esp
  2. I listened to that podcast also; Edwards/Clute have very good dicussions. Powell actually had a pretty good voice. He also did a radio series in the 40's, Richard Diamond, private detective where in virtually every episode at the end he sings a song and plays piano. You can find it at www.archive.org if you're interested. There are several detective shows that aired on radio including Gerald Mohr playing Phillip Marlowe. These are all short 30min episodes that were aired weekly, complete with a lot of the original commercials of that era.
  3. For me, the opening dialogue sets the tone, little glimpses and hints like cards being dealt on the table; the cards will be turned over eventually revealing our characters. "who's that?" "Miss Carmen Sternwood sir" "you ought to wean her, she's old enough.." "yes sir" "how do you like your brandy sir?" "in a glass" "you didn't like working for the District Attorney, eh?" "I was fired...for insubordination. I seem to rate pretty high on that" Just in the first few minutes, the brief dialogue between Marlowe and Carmen, the butler and the General gives a little insight t
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