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  1. The cameo with Hitchcock and his dogs is a great set up for the Birds. This wonderful cameo showing domesticated and obedient pet dogs is a great contrast to the random and brutal attacks of normally peaceful birds later in the film. The opening seen establishes the status quo in which animals (such as pet dogs and birds) are subject to control and imprisonment to humans (either by leash or cage), but soon this established norm will be over turned. I can't help but view the leash as fetish object in a Hitchcockian sense given the extensive use of handcuffs and ropes as motifs throughout man
  2. The title design for Psycho created by Saul Bass summarizes key elements of plot, and thematic content. The two tone vertical and horizontal bars symbolizes the spit personality of Normal Bates. The slashing vertical bars foreshadow the movement of a slashing knife. Vertical bars also suggest blood oozing down a wall. Horizontal bars moving both from the left and right of the frame create a sense of motion and movement, while at the same time give the viewer a feeling of being trapped with no escape from the frame, hinting at a fate Marion Crane can not escape. The vertical bars slash throu
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