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  1. Hi again, Here is Lecture Note #1, "The Heist - Part 1 of 4: No Bottom". This was the first lesson for the week of 6/7-6/15, 2015. Part One: No Bottom Whenever we see a pattern, or notice a resemblance, or identify things that belong to the same family tree in the arts--whether it is in the movies, painting, music, you name it--we tend to give a name or a label to it: to help identify it, to shorthand its importance and relevance. In movies, sometimes those resemblances or moments that we see are connected through the work of an individual. Think of names or la
  2. Hi, I can still access the notes from the lessons through my completed courses, however they were not done in a pdf format as the newer courses are. It would take much copying and pasting so I would need some time, but I would be happy to do it as long as it's not breaking any rules. For instance, here is Part 1: Part One: Entering Noir Country Pay attention to the first few minutes of a film. Right after the studio logo is prominently displayed, a filmmaker has a job to do: namely, to establish the film's story world and get you in a certain frame of mind. While many opening
  3. I wanted to throw my two cents in (ooh - there's the double). I had hoped you would ask for actor collaborators for today's module, so I held my comment until today. My pick is Johnny Depp - couldn't you see him as Bruno Antony in Strangers on a Train? Many of the commenters are suggesting Tim Burton as a collaborator, this would be a perfect fit! Thank you Dr. Edwards, and all involved, for this course. It has been interesting and fun, and I've learned so much. I always thought that my sense of humor was warped because I would laugh at some of the comedic parts of Hitchcock movies wh
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