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  1. These four minutes are very important. Those of us who have seen "Postman" several times before, know that the clip is, essentially, a preview of everything that's going to happen. It's all here: the district attorney who says that "maybe I'll see you again"; the "man wanted" sign, with its many meanings; the comment that Frank makes about this maybe being the beginning of his future; his other unfortunate comment that he's got plenty of time; the old owner offering him the job instantly; the cop; and the long shot of the cliffs over the ocean (before seeing the clip today, I never noticed how
  2. I've seen this film dozens of times. I love it, but, like others here, I never considered it Film Noir. A year or so ago I watched the miniseries (starring Cate Blanchette, I think), and now I know why the original film never seemed genuinely noir to me. The miniseries was supposedly more closely based on the novel. There are a lot of differences in the plot. For one thing, the miniseries takes place in the 1930's, not '40's, and there's more sex in it. I don't even think there's a murder. It's that different. What I think happened was that they added plot lines in the original film to
  3. The music is so important in "Gilda" that both of the songs she sings are used as background music in a later Glenn Ford noir, the Big Heat, and I'm sure it was no accident. I think it was an inside joke to evoke memories of "Gilda." Even though I love "Gilda" and watch it whenever it comes on, I think that the plot is REALLY STUPID. In fact, I've always had a secret theory that they shot the "Mame" number first and then made up the plot later, because the film is all about Rita's beauty and talent and not much else. Here's my fantasy about a meeting of the studio executives: "Hey we've go
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